Episode of care

Episode of care is one of the most important concept for clinical design.

ICPC training book

This book shows what is ICPC. It covers general practitioners, family doctors, and residesnts, researchers in primary care and all others who want to know what is ICPC and how to use ICPC.


At the end of the program participants should understand the benefits of using a classification

to record patient information in primary care; describe the differences between a classification

and a terminology; identify potential uses for classifications in patient management, quality

improvement, practice and population management, and research; understand the need for a

specific classification for primary care; know the structure of ICPC-2; understand the concept of

episode of care, reason for encounter, problem, and process; be able to apply the classification

in clinical practice.





Classification and ICPC

Stracture of ICPC

Use case / coding training