ICPC is produced from WONCA. In the 5th WONCA world conference in Melborn they decided to develop the classification for primary care. It is the start of Wonca International Classification Committee (WICC).

ICPC is designed for primary care, that is ICPC can code from patients' complains to diagnoses. Please see what is ICPC on WICC page and how to use on ICPC & ICF in next page.


ICF is produce from WHO. We can get very useful information for clinical design with ICPC and ICF. To know how to use ICF, please see ICPC & ICF in next page.


Informatics is the one of most important tool for modern epidemiology.

  1. Standardization of data format
  2. Standardization of collected data
  3. Big data analysis
  4. Process analysis
  5. Projection
  6. Projection based analysis (operations research)

Epidemiological study starts from 1 and 2. Multi institutional data should be in standardized data format. Most well used format is HL7.

It is very easy to start 3 or 4 process if all your data are in HL7 format. In other case, you have to consider sign analysis or discrete variable analysis.

In big data analysis, you have to take care about false positive because according to the data size, practical number of false positive increases linearly.


Medical Mathematics

Population projection / GIS